Carbon Fiber is a fabric material woven of thin strands of Carbon. Carbon Fiber is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum. It offers the design flexibility of being able to be molded to different shapes. It can also tolerate exposure to high temperatures. Due to its properties, it is highly regarded by the top vehicle manufacturers worldwide as the material of choice to use on their high performance vehicles. Carbon Fiber as a material used on cars is not new however; it’s been used in the manufacturing of racing cars and in the aerospace industry for decades. The Mclaren Formula One racing team was the first ever racing outfit to use this material to construct an entire racing car. Other teams soon followed and nowadays it is the material used by all active constructors in the Formula One World Championship. As a material to fabricate automotive components, it is usually used on low volume exotic high performance vehicles. And now it can become a reality for your car through CarbonFiber 500.

We have recently revamped our entire production process. We have upgraded to 12K Carbon Fiber across our entire line and improved our designs to incoporate unique features not found elsewhere in the carbon fiber aftermarket industry. We also introduced our own proprietary Composite Blend. Our Composite Blend line offers the strength of carbon fiber, all the features of our 12K Carbon Fiber line at a lower cost.